Before I die I want to

Before I die I want to 1

Before I die I want to 2

Before I die I want to 3

Before I die I want to 4

Before I die I want to 5

A few months ago I wrote about Candy Chang‘s Before I Die project in New Orleans that engaged passersby to complete the prompt “Before I die I want to…” on the side of abandoned buildings using provided chalk. As an extension of the project she’s created a limited edition set of painted chalkboards with a similar prompt. Via her web site: Each Before I Die painting is 48″x12″ on birchwood ply and individually handmade with care. The wood is sanded, primed, and coated with a layer of black chalkboard paint, and the back is stained with a natural finish and handstamped and signed by yours truly. Also includes three brass plated D-Ring hangers attached to the back, a 4″ hardwood chalk holder, and a colorful stick of chalk. The boards are $150 each. Check ‘em out at the Civic Center. Side note: also cool in the Civic Store. (via plenty of color)

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