Drawingmachine by Eske Rex

Drawingmachine by Eske Rex 1

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Drawingmachine by Eske Rex 2

Drawingmachine by Eske Rex 3

Drawingmachine by Eske Rex 4

Drawingmachine by Eske Rex 5

The Drawingmachine is a mechanism by Copenhagen-based artist and designer Eske Rex that will be on display at MINDCRAFT 11 in Milan starting next week. The device is constructed of two interlinked pendulums that control a single ballpoint pen resting on the surface of an enormous canvas. Via Danish Crafts: Drawingmachine is a construction involving two pendulums, each suspended from a tower construction and connected through “drawing arms” and moveable joints. A ballpoint pen resting on a drawing surface covered with paper is mounted at the point where the pendulums come together. The pendulums are set in motion by hand, and their movements are represented on the paper. The movements of the pendulums affect the entire room, and the experience engages the beholder’s body. While the rhythmic repetitions cause the beholder to pause, the drawing emerges on the paper. The apparatus immediately reminded me of countless childhood hours spent with my beloved Spirograph. If you enjoyed this I also recommend Harvey Moon’s Drawing Machine, and the works of Tony Orrico. Images courtesy the artist, Danish Crafts, and Jeppe Gudmundsen. (via core77)

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