Introducing the Colossal Shop

Introducing the Colossal Shop 1

After months of too much work, planning, and sleepless nights I’m proud to announce the launch of the Colossal Shop, as well as the complete redesign of the Colossal Blog, and as if that weren’t enough, a shiny new identity created by design powerhouse Scott Reinhard. First, the shop. For years I’ve been meeting artists, designers, and artisans I’ve encountered through articles on Colossal and while it’s been extraordinarily fun to gather their work here on the blog, it’s also been amazing to have their objects in my home. Through their encouragement and my own desire gather together some of my favorite designed objects, toys, and limited edition art pieces into an online store, the Colossal Shop was born. We’ll be adding many more things over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Introducing the Colossal Shop 2

Next, the new look. The old Colossal site was getting a little shabby as it was never designed to work on mobile devices and lacked a bit of polish. So I set about a redesign and while I was plugging away learned that Chicago designer Scott Reinhard had recently left a long stint at the MCA and was open for business. We chatted briefly and got to work. The new logo is big, refined, and very flexible, expect to see new interpretations of it all the time. Thanks Scott! The new blog itself is now equally flexible and can be viewed on almost any device. If you see any bugs or weirdness please let me know. Now, back to work. I’m sorry posts have been almost glacial at times here on Colossal, things should pick up swiftly now. A huge thanks to Eric Hazen and developer Derek S. Moore for helping with some heavy content and development work the last few weeks. Onward!

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