Kazuki Guzmán

Kazuki Guzmán 1

Kazuki Guzmán 2

Banana illustrations created with needles.

Kazuki Guzmán 3

Modified street cone.

Kazuki Guzmán 4

Carved pencil.

Kazuki Guzmán 5

“That’s Impressive” video installation.

Kazuki Guzmán 6

Sculpted chewing gum. Chilean/Japanese artist Kazuki Guzmán takes everyday objects and turns them into something extraordinary. From his delicate banana illustrations using thousands of delicately placed needle piercings to a miniature chewing gum sculpture, his works are embedded with a delightful sense of humor and whimsey. Via his web site: I consider my art practice as part of a playful exploration of ideas and materials. The notion of ‘play’ is at the core of my art practice. I enjoy taking jokes seriously, until they become ‘art’ in one way or another. My artworks are often the accidental outcome of playful interactions between the materials and myself. I equally enjoy allowing my materials to define the context of my artwork, and conversely, the challenge of letting the context of my work dictate the material execution. Most of my inspirations arise from mundane events: a trip to the antique store, revisiting children’s books and toys, or buying groceries. Most importantly, I strive for intricacy and exquisite craftsmanship in my work, while focusing on not loosing my very whimsical sense of humor and play. See more work in his portfolio.

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