The Art of Geometry

I’ve encountered a cavalcade of great geometric sculptures and installations this week, so as usual I’ve grouped them all together for your perusal. Thanks to the artists for providing information and images for this post.

The Art of Geometry 1

The Art of Geometry 2

The Art of Geometry 3

FOLDS is a beautiful installation by David Mesguich and Valentin Van der Meulen that first appeared in 2009 at Maison des Arts de Malakoff, and again in 2010 at Art Paris 2010. The piece is made from numerous polypropylene shapes and creates a somewhat haunting anatomical amalgam of face and skull.

The Art of Geometry 4

Some fantastic map folding by David Lu.

The Art of Geometry 5

The Art of Geometry 6

Titled Wandering Territory this new piece by Anna Garforth (previously) was created for the Pop Up exhibition at MOTI, and will eventually tour Europe. The piece also made an appearance on the front cover of Holland’s largest newspaper De Volkskrant. Anna, I would like to request on behalf of the entire internet that the rest of the animal kingdom be completed in this fashion.

The Art of Geometry 7

Hey look it’s Anna Garforth again with her beautiful Kusudama light.

The Art of Geometry 8

And lastly another beautifully folded kusudama using a world map by Jenny Brial (previously).

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