The Art of Trees

The Art of Trees 1

The recently completed Kerry Landman Memorial Tree by Jordan Mason and Eric Landman (via Miguel-Hernan Otero-Meier)

The Art of Trees 2

The Art of Trees 3

The Art of Trees 4

Trees made of books by Frederico Uribe (via the curiosity workshop)

The Art of Trees 5

Stacked firewood sculpture by Alastair Heseltine (via cmybacon)

The Art of Trees 6

The Art of Trees 7

The Voice of Winds (2012). Suspended tree branches of hollow earthenware by Kazunori Matsumura. (via surface)

The Art of Trees 8

Wheel tree photographed by Robert Holmgren I have an enormous folder of saved links, things I’m on the edge about posting, or just want to save for later reference. From time to time patterns start to emerge and it just make sense to post everything at once, as has happened with books, waves, and people as pixels. Lately the theme has been trees, and these are my favorite tree-related endeavors I’ve encountered the last few weeks.

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