CTA Naming Rights 2012, Place Your Bets

In response to yesterday’s news about the CTA potentially selling naming rights to train lines and stops I decided to take a stab (with the help of too many of you to list here—thank you!) at imaging what our transit system might look like in just a few short years. Click the map below for detail, and just hit escape to exit. See an update below.

CTA Naming Rights 2012, Place Your Bets 1

Update: Thanks everyone for the spirited comments and feedback on this map! Awesome! I would just like to emphasize that I put the whole thing together very quickly, late at night. It certainly isn’t perfect in that despite having lived here for a decade there are many neighborhoods and stops I know nothing about. In some cases I selected the nearest business (via google maps) or just made something up totally random. The point being, who knows what would happen? What if Five Guys outbid Loyola? I don’t think we’ll get to decide, it’s just going to happen. Thanks for stopping by Colossal.

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