Five Questions with Cartwheel Galaxy

Five Questions with Cartwheel Galaxy 1

Today I’m starting a new regular feature, taking a few minutes to chat with some of the people behing the blogs and Tumblrs that I’ve found inspiring and that regularly influence what you see here on Colossal. First up is a fantastic site called Cartwheel Galaxy run by Katey Nicosia. Her broad taste in art is something to take note of and I encourage you to add her to your bookmarks. Who are you? I am Katey. I’m 30 years old. An artist, writer, designer, dabbler. Why did you start Cartwheel Galaxy? I started Cartwheel Galaxy in an attempt to somehow take inventory or perhaps keep up with all the great art and artists that I discover online. I also like to share and promote artists so I intend it for that too. How do you find stuff to post? Do you have a routine? There are several ways. First, I follow a lot of blogs and the bulk of the art I post is found through other blogs. I also use Flickr a lot, of course. But my favorite way to find and discover art and artists is through museums and galleries. My daily routine consists of me flipping through my blog subscriptions, picking out the stuff I’m interested and going from there. I do this every day after work. What sites inspire you? I’m in love with But Does It Float, JESU, Artlog, and My Love For You is another current favorite. What happens next? I wish I had further plans but for the time being I’m content sticking with what I’m doing. Maybe some day I’ll take it all a step further, but for now my goal is just to keep posting and sharing. 🙂 Thanks Katey, and head on over to Cartwheel Galaxy to see what all the fuss is about!

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