Five Questions with Lustik

Five Questions with Lustik 1

One of the most unassuming of my daily stops is also one of the most incredible. The impeccably curated Lustik is a treasure trove of great art, design, and all things creative and interesting. After few weeks of following and sourcing several posts here on Colossal I decided it was time to learn more about the mysterious person behind this Tumblr who posts anonymously, without even a hint of information on the site. Luckily she responded to a shout-out a few weeks ago and I was able to ask her a few quick questions. Who are you? I’m Béatrice Lucas, a breton crazy cat’s lady! Why did you start Lustik? In French ou is u and loustic means “funny, kid…” I began it just for pleasure as a notebook, after Chercat. How do you find stuff to post? Do you have a routine? No routine, I… nose about! What sites inspire you? Tankthinks, Väskust, Poculum,, MoCoLoco, Who killed Bambi. What happens next? So sorry, not to have a divining instinct! Thanks Béatrice for unveiling yourself on Colossal. I can’t urge you strongly enough to head over to Lustik and get lost for a while.

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