iPad Joystick Roundup

Lots of neat stuff floating around about iPads and video game controls this week so here’s a quick recap of what I’ve seen.

iPad Joystick Roundup 1

1. Fling

iPad Joystick Roundup 2

Fling is a tactile pad that suctions onto your iPad for precision gaming for use with any app utilizing a virtual joystick.

iPad Joystick Roundup 3


iPad Joystick Roundup 4

The JOYSTICK-IT is a real virtual joystick that adheres to your iPad and requires no batteries or wires. Supposedly it may work with iPhone as well but success may vary.

iPad Joystick Roundup 5

3. iCADE Last year Think Geek announced the iCADE concept as one of their annual April Fool’s pranks. However the response was so astounding (and I imagine such a colossal letdown that it didn’t actually exist) that Ion Audio, Think Geek, and Atari have teamed up to officially make this portable arcade cabinet a reality.

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