Pop-Up Shop by Eliana Ferreira

Pop-Up Shop by Eliana Ferreira 1

Pop-Up Shop by Eliana Ferreira 2

Pop-Up Shop by Eliana Ferreira 3

Pop-Up Shop by Eliana Ferreira 4

Pop-Up Shop by Eliana Ferreira 5

Pop-Up Shop by Eliana Ferreira 6

I’m a sucker for process artwork involving paper, and one of the clear themes of this blog is Somebody Spent Half Their Life Cutting this Out of Paper. The images above are from a student project by Eliana Ferreira who is working on her master’s degree in communication design at ESAD in Portugal. Students were given the brief to create an alternative retail experience as part of a pop-up shop. The Pop-up experience is an emerging phenomenon in cities around the world. From gallery-like shopping spaces with one-off exhibitions, to restaurants, nightclubs and mobile shopping units; there is an increase in temporary retail and event based manifestations around the world. These spaces tend to pop-up unannounced, often in interesting architectural locations. They offer exclusivity, innovation and an element of surprise that delight consumers. For her shop Eliana created the Travel Wheel, a sort of Wheel Of Fortune based game where instead of winning cash and trips, she created the encapsulated essence of winning a trip by constructing tiny paper boxes containing scenes from cities around the world. I can’t even begin to imagine how long it took to create these dozens of tiny boxes, but they are incredibly awesome. To see more of the finished project you can check out her page over on Behance that has photos of all 9 completed boxes. Thanks Eliana for sharing your project with Colossal!

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