Boooooooooks! 1

Photo by Melchior Tersen via Andrew Harlow.

Boooooooooks! 2

Books suspended above an entrance to the Istanbul modern art museum by Hanif Shoaei via Designspiration.

Boooooooooks! 3

A window display for Harvey Nichols in Manchester via Lusik.

Boooooooooks! 4

A mobile pop-up bookstore installation by NAM via Spoon and Tamago.

Boooooooooks! 5

Book installation by Miler Lagos via CollabCubed.

Boooooooooks! 6

Photograph by Angélica Vis.

Boooooooooks! 7

Photograph by Stephen Beadles (previously). His comment: “Well this took forever.”

Boooooooooks! 8

One of many awesome pieces by Betsy of Exploded Library (thnx, Gretchen).

Boooooooooks! 9

Bookshelf wallpaper at the home of Abigail Ahern via The Selby. Just a roundup of cool book-related things I’ve seen lately. Am I missing anything awesome? If you liked this, see also: Waaaaaaaves!

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