Life Through a Marble

Life Through a Marble 1

Life Through a Marble 2

Life Through a Marble 3

Life Through a Marble 4

Life Through a Marble 5

This last August before a trip to Alaska a 16-year-old from New Jersey who goes by the Flickr name Cabe26 decided he wanted to pick up photography. The tiny worlds above, flipped, magnified and skewed through tiny glass marbles are among his very first photographs. Here’s a quote from an interview with Short List: “I realised I could innovate the idea using a much smaller piece of glass and using new techniques, strategies and compostions,” he explained. “I realised I had hit on something when I took the first picture. Before even processing it I realised the idea worked out perfectly. The focus was superb, the composition was right on, and it was eye-catching.” Cabe26, please don’t ever put that camera down. (via short list)

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